Searches after terror threat on German airports

5a6b9cbc74a536bf3987d4555849481c - Searches after terror threat on German airports

The police have various searches carried out in the German federal states Baden-Württemberg and North rhine-Westphalia. That fit in the search for the suspected islamists who the airport of Stuttgart spied.

There are four men sought who is suspected to be an attack to prepare, made the German authorities Friday known. The German Interior minister Horst Seehofer spoke of a persistent threat of terrorism in Germany, but also warned of scaremongering. Vigilant is the best prevention, she said.

Two of the wanted men are a father and son from North rhine-Westphalia. They were last week, noted by the French police, when she was at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris took pictures.

According to the German news agency also fell out of their vehicle, that a licence plate from Aachen, germany. The car would be in the name of a salafi man of Moroccan origin, who have similar vehicles. He would also already be known to the authorities in North rhine-Westphalia. The man managed to flee before the French police could bring in for questioning.

Thursday had the French police all messages from the newspaper Journal Du Dimanche confirmed that the men in Paris rondreden with a Mercedes Sprinter with a German number plate. The 48-year-old owner would according to the newspaper on the list of dangerous individuals of the authorities.

According to the public broadcaster of the German länder, SWR was the same duo also spotted at the airport of Suttgart to the procedures of the passagierscontrole kept an eye on. They could, on the basis of video-recordings to be identified. They would be close to the detectiepoortjes have remained, without luggage and without the intention to make a plane.

The detectives would the defendants on the trail have come thanks to information from the Moroccan security services. They could intercept in which there is an attack on an airport in the French-German border.

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