Sandra Bullock had eye on Kenau Reeves

Reeves would like to re-do a movie with Sandra.

Sandra Bullock during a visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show, admitted that it is sometimes difficult to work with Keanu Reeves during the shooting of the film Speed in 1994. The reason for this was that Reeves ‘lovely and beautiful’, causing Sandra’s heart a little faster beat.

“It was difficult for me to seriously continue if he looked at me, I started to giggle. While I of course have not had to do. We had a stuntopname do with my skirt still up and flew. Keanu made sure it all remained seated, that was so sweet of him,” says Sandra.

To a date it never came, what according to Sandra, the reason is that the two are still friends. Reeves would like to re-do a movie with Sandra, ” he said in an interview from 2017. “I am in the process of doing so, to the right project for us. Until now there is still nothing, but who knows.”

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