Riots in Barcelona, with protests against the federal council of ministers

b7bac28bb5527c0cd2cc6cdbfd911965 - Riots in Barcelona, with protests against the federal council of ministers

Thousands of people have Friday protested against as a ‘provocation’ intended seat of the Spanish central government in Barcelona. In the centre of the Catalan capital, it came to riots between the police and supporters of the separatist movement. Seven protesters were arrested.

The participants in the protests were blocking in Barcelona and other Catalan region’s streets and roads. Also on the AP-7 motorway traffic was hours of shut down. In Barcelona besieged the separatists and the police, according to sources with stones, fireworks, bottles and other objects. The partially masked people broke dranghekkens of the police, threw in the immediate vicinity of the Ramblas bins on the streets and destroyed traffic lights and planters.

For the public, law enforcement were more than 9,000 men of various police units to the streets of Barcelona sent. Officials closed the former stock exchange building Llotja off hermetically. There came the ministers of the central government under the chairmanship of the socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez together for their weekly session, which will normally be in Madrid takes place. Some protesters called for a march to the Llotja.

Sánchez focuses on the conflict in Catalonia – unlike his conservative predecessor, Mariano Rajoy – on dialogue, and relaxation. Thursday night he had for the second time a meeting with the separatist regional president of quimper and lor Torra. After the call was made in a joint communiqué stated that an ‘effective dialogue’ is pursued and searched for an answer to the demands of the Catalans for self-determination.

A solution of the conflict, however, after the escalation by the unconstitutional onafhankelijkheidsreferendum of October 1, 2017 is not in sight. Eighteen politicians and activists were, among other things, rebellion, and embezzlement of public funds, accused and should in the coming weeks and months for the court to justify that. They risk up to 25 years in prison.

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