Queen guitarist Brian May honors NASA probe with a new number

4b4f7593303469ce678315dc13ce0ee8 - Queen guitarist Brian May honors NASA probe with a new number

As a result of an impending record, the British guitarist Brian May, a new song created to pay tribute to a probe of the American ruimtevaartbureau NASA.

On January 1, shaves the probe New Horizons along an object that the name Ultima Thule. It is more than six billion miles from us, 1.6 billion miles further than the orbit of the dwarf planet Pluto in the Kuipergordel. Never flew a spacecraft far from us, beyond a celestial body.

A scientist from NASA has the guitarist of Queen, asked for the opportunity to have a piece of music to brew. And the 71-year-old astrophysicist, which May also is, accepted. With new year’s day he throws his composition ‘New Horizons’ to grab. Also his first solosingle since 1998.

“These two aspects of my life, astronomy and music, unite was an interesting challenge,” says May in a communiqué in which he also pays tribute to the forthcoming record.

For those who can’t wait: a piece of the number, in which the voice of the deceased astrophysicist Stephen Hawking above the guitar can be heard, is to be found on the website of May.

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