Protest against the federal council of ministers in Barcelona

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The Spanish government holds its weekly council of ministers ‘on the move’ in Barcelona. That is for the separatists and the reason to take action.

There are today large demonstrations are expected in the Catalan capital Barcelona. The occasion is the arrival of the Spanish government that its weekly council of ministers, exceptionally, in Barcelona. The separatist, radical Committees for the Defense of the Republic (CDR), the city of stalling with protests and road blockades. Various government departments and university students go on strike. More than 9,000 policemen will be deployed to maintain law and order.

From their cell the Catalan separatists, who for more than a year in pretrial sit on suspicion of rebellion and the abuse of public funds, called to be especially peaceful to argue.

Conversations secret

Yesterday the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the Catalan minister-president of quimper and lor Torra, Barcelona already have a maintenance. Although the content of the talks secret, however, is it as good as certain that the two leaders talked about relations between Madrid and Barcelona.

The entire Spanish government to Catalonia, down to the weekly council of ministers ‘on the move’. Upon assuming office, prime minister Sánchez said that he has ties with the regions would share. In October the council of ministers in Seville held – not coincidentally, shortly before the regional elections in Andalusia.

Premier Sánchez has announced that its council of ministers today, the minimum wage and the wages of officials will increase. As possible, he hopes that measures the linksgezinde Catalan separatists in a good mood. Sánchez is the head of a minority government that can only govern with the support of the regional parties.

The four Catalan prisoners, who in early december on a hunger strike were gone, an end to their action. They wanted to draw attention to the fact that the Supreme court so much took time before a date for their trial lens.

The day before yesterday had a few Catalan politicians, among them Carlos Puigdemont and of quimper and lor Torra, asked them for their hunger strike to stop. Jordi Turull was last week Friday in the hospital.

The end of the hunger strike may contribute to the reduction of tensions between Madrid and Barcelona.

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