Pope: ‘child sexual Abuse, never to cover up stitches

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Within the Catholic Church, no one will his penalty miss as he is found guilty of child abuse. That pope Francis said Friday.

“Let be clear that the Church for these atrocities, all it will do to people to judge that crimes have been committed’, that said Francis during his annual christmas greetings for the employees of the Roman Curia. ‘To those minors abuse, I would say this: repent yourself and give you over to justice, and prepare yourself for divine justice.’

“The Church will never try to silence or will never be a case not seriously take,” she said. It should never happen that there are cases of child abuse are ignored or in the cover up be inserted, as in the past.


The warning came after cardinal George Pell, who was part of the advisory board of the pope, in Australia accused of child abuse. Until last year, was the 77-year-old Pell financial officer of the Vatican, which he considered to be the number three in the Vatican.

The Australian cardinal is the highest in ranking who is accused of abuse. The case of Pell bore the pope a long time. In February organised by the Vatican about a summit meeting. The expectations are high and it is hoped that it is not only the commitment to the fight against pedophilia. Victims rather concrete actions that abuse no longer is covered and a real review takes place.

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