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Pierre François picks up criticism of Pro League in makelaarsdossier not: “We are not there to the ministers to be replaced”

09df50c5c236a2c656e884f73135c7b9 - Pierre François picks up criticism of Pro League in makelaarsdossier not: “We are not there to the ministers to be replaced”

Pierre François, a member of the panel of experts of the Pro League, defends the recommendations and proposals that have been approved to rogue agents in the Belgian football tackle. “The principles that we have proposed, to be generally well received abroad,” said CEO and panelist François Friday.

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The as Also had in the past few months as CEO, a lot of criticism to swallow. After the unanimous approval of the recommendations by the Pro League last Monday, breaks through he the mediastilte. Especially the comment that the Pro League has its own rules, writes, picks up François.

“We are not the ministers of the government, to replace. For the Pro League was not just a matter for the issue of the players ‘ agents to address, but also that between the clubs and agents,” says François. “We had to look at what rules the clubs are willing to impose. It is up to us to take the lead. We want the place of politics is not to be taken, but we hope that a number of measures supported by legislation. That’s why we put the hand to the authorities, to guide us in the process.”

Nothing new under the sun

According to the recommendations, the estate agent may only by the player who gave him a mandate to be paid. “We support the rule, but there is really nothing new under the sun. In the United States that regulation, for leagues such as the MLS or the NBA. In La Liga they do so, in the Premier League belongs the recommendation to the reforms”, around François the criticism that the Pro League outside of his powers occurs. “It is actually a simple rule. The client pays the agent. For someone who the broker is that of a club, is no place in football. That way, we avoid conflicts of interest, and the player has full control on what the broker earns.”

No “walk in the park”

François stressed that reforms are not a “walk in the park”. “We started it, but we can not all recommendations from one day to the other to enter. For example, We want the registration conditions for agents to adjust, but we need the bondsreglement change. We want to be a clearinghouse, but must be set up with investigatory powers and members must be indicated. In the next six months will be the Pro League to prove that we put the word add.”

“To regain trust is a huge challenge.”

According to a poll in La Dernière Heure on Friday, less than 76 percent of the respondents did not have confidence in the football. “That is a terrible observation, but not surprising. It is a huge challenge to the trust to win back”, sighs François.

“After such a strong well-publicised events, there will always be an impact on public opinion. I am not surprised by the result. It is even a huge challenge for us. We had to reassure partners, and they were happy that we measure. But the public do not as quickly feel free. We the fans need to reclaim. If all of the actors do what they need to, we will come stronger from this crisis,” said François. “All clubs must meet the same cord pulling. The initiatives that we take for progress.”

The Pro League hopes that the recommendations against the coming zomermercato came into effect.

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