Paris Hilton does not want a very expensive engagement ring to give back

Paris Hilton is definitely not going to her expensive engagement ring to ex-fiancé Chris Zylka. She told in an interview with the talkshowhost Jenny McCarthy. The diamond gem is estimated at a little of 2 million dollars.

“The jeweler from whom the ring was given millions and millions of free publicity received”, sounds at the hotelerfgename. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

In november, he broke Hilton her engagement to model and actor Chrys Zylka. She wanted to focus on business, and wished Zylka is still “the best”. The man asked for the engagement ring back, but that request Hilton does not honor.

According to TMZ poses a problem. California law says that, because Chris the ring has been purchased, and Paris where the engagement is broken, the criminal law, with regard to his possession. There is a caveat: if he has the ring, not bought – and many argue that it is a gift from celebrity jeweler Michael Greene was concerned – he can whistle to the diamonds.

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