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Niki Lauda moved by handwritten letter from Vettel

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Triple world champion F1 Niki Lauda has let us know that his heart had been touched by a handwritten letter from Sebastian Vettel after his lung transplant earlier this year.

Niki Lauda is on the better hand, and he gives his first interview exclusively to the “Gazetta dello sport.” It is a letter from Sebastian Vettel.

“The letter from the hand of Sebastian Vettel has given me much pleasure, he was full of good words. Normally, you’d expect such a thing is not of the riders, the only thing they do is race. He is a good person.”

Ferrari started strongly to the season and it seemed that Mercedes is perhaps the worst of it would have to be mining but a second half of the season of tactical blunders and mistakes from Vettel himself decided otherwise.

Here and there emerged rumors that the position of Vettel was under pressure but that is Lauda, himself a two time world champion at Ferrari, absurd.

“He has a few difficult moments but it would be absurd for him to ask,” Lauda continued. “He is recovering from, a champion, lost it the race. He is just as strong as before back and will also be in 2019 again the challenger to Lewis Hamilton.”

It’s in the blood apparently where do you because although Lauda serious health problems knew is he also from his bed to the F1 and continue to follow.

“I have no GP missed, even though I was in the company of many infusions. I have all the races looking at and I called with the burner at the weekend. They kept me informed, it was as if I were next to the track was with the others.”

“I must say that I am again the heat was allowed to experience of the people with whom I already have a number of years have worked.”

It is not an easy rehabilitation for Lauda, and now he trains six hours a day with two trainers who have him full-time to assist.

“I knew that it would be difficult, very difficult. In such a situation, you can only do one thing and that is fight, that I have any time done and that’s what I do now every day,” says the Austrian from Ibiza.

“The air and climate are better here than in Austria. They have told me that I within a month, is fully fit again ben, I will bring the GP’s again follow as before. Why not?” decision Lauda.

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