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Minister threatens subsidies dance company, Jan Fabre to delete

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The vzw Troubleyn, the dance company of artist and director Jan Fabre, by april 2019, a number of internal measures around good governance and integrity policy. Are they not doing that, then cut the Flemish minister of Culture Sven Gatz in the subsidies of the company.

That has the Open VLD minister decides after an investigation of his administration. In september, spoke to twenty (ex-)dancers of Troubleyn in an open letter from cross-border behaviour in the company of Fabre. After that testimonies was not only a judicial investigation started, the minister of Culture Sven Gatz gave his administration also commissioned an administrative investigation.

On the basis of that administrative investigation has the minister Gatz now written a letter in which he the vzw Troubleyn a series of measures imposes. Gatz says ‘not in the first place punish to want to impose’. “I want Troubleyn especially the chance to feel like one of our leading dance companies again and also in the area of integrity policy, and good governance leading to be’.

Good governance

So must the dance company at 31 march 2019 the principles of good governance apply, there must be a renewed and expanded board of directors to be appointed and the general meeting must be widened. “In that way the minister wants to have sufficient checks and balances build in the relationship between management and board of directors’, it sounds.

In addition, should the company against the same date a bip to develop and demonstrate ‘that the organisation fully in line with all of the requirements for the establishment and application of an employment condition with an ethical code of conduct’.


If the organisation changes not made by april 2019, she will be the first tranche of its funding for next year not get, says minister Gatz. Intention is also that an independent expert by 30 september 2019, the measures taken under the microscope. And only if that assessment is positive, will Gatz the second subsidieschijf on October 1, 2019 release.

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