Lin-Manuel Miranda struggled to perfect Mary Poppins Returns dance moves to learn

“I think that dancing is the most challenging aspect for me.”

Actor/singer Lin-Manuel Miranda had to train hard for the dance moves to learn for his role in Mary Poppins Returns, which he Jack Hamilton plays.

Despite his background in musical theatre, had Miranda really focus on the right choreography.

“I think that dancing is the most challenging aspect for me.” Fortunately for the producer, the stars, a full nine weeks of the time given to rehearsing for the dances.

Miranda also had a “childlike innocence” to see Jack on the screen to play, and he was inspired by his four year old son Sebastian, who was two years old at the time of filming.

“I make these movies because I think part of the artistry has to do with that inner child. That part of us that drew and painted and stuff when we were kids,” he said.

Getting the role of Jack in the Disney blockbuster is a great opportunity for Miranda, because he never had a movie “on the scale” of Mary Poppins Returns has done, which he’s happy is because he was a big fan of the original, with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in the lead role.

“You know, I’m just like everyone grew up with those penguins for my TV,” recalls Miranda, they Van Dyke’s famous scene tried to imitate with animated penguins. “It’s just a dream.”

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