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Leko state after 10 to 30, and with a lot of absentees as well for a heavy task in the topper: “to find Other solutions”

649608cd16a14da43cd0bbb1503d118c - Leko state after 10 to 30, and with a lot of absentees as well for a heavy task in the topper: “to find Other solutions”

The Sunday 14.30-programmed game between Club Bruges and Antwerp in the Jan breydel stadium is the eye-catcher of the twentieth day in the Jupiler Pro League. Both teams share the second place with 35 points, seven points of leader Racing Genk. Club coach Ivan Leko can, however, not his strongest play in the topper and feels the pressure after 10 to 30: “We need to find solutions with other types of players.”

“Shaper and Denswil difficult to replace”

Club Brugge

23/12 14:30


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Club Brugge will be Sunday the top match against royal Antwerp, not at its strongest can begin work: Ruud Shaper and Stefano Denswil will by suspension not be and also the an Rezaei, Foxes, Danjuma, Diatta and Vlietinck are absent. In addition, Amrabat and Decarli uncertain, they have this week mainly individually trained. yet there was also good news from the infirmary: Dennis, Mata and Cools trained all week.

“Denswil has a unique profile, while Former captain is enormously important for the group and back to his form of last season had: anyway, you miss that kind of players if they aren’t there,” said Leko. “Creator was one of the biggest reasons why we are last year champion. It is difficult for them to replace but then we have to find solutions with other types of players. With Amrabat, Nakamba, Writers, Vanaken or Zipper, we can do something in the society but the mentality of the Creator, we will miss. We will see on Sunday if it works.”

“Antwerp is a titelkandidaat”

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Sunday is the second place on the game. Antwerp is not, however, happen to be on the same height with blue-black, knows Leko.

“With D’onofrio and Bölöni, Antwerp people who know how to use a topploeg should build and how they champion may play: it is no surprise that they are in the top three,” said the coach. “They are for me, definitely a titelkandidaat, everything is present to be very important in the Belgian football. Their way of play is different than most teams today, with mandekking and the necessary grinta. But if you have a team with strength and ability to walk, then that mandekking a good solution. It is different to play against than against zone defense, but I saw you in Antwerp this season, an improvement compared to our previous matches against them. But for all clarity: at home and with our qualities, we in Belgium always my favorite.”

10 on 30? “I put the emphasis on the positive”

Club Brugge hope against the Great Old finally to stand in the competition. The champion came last weekend at KV Kortrijk no further than a doelpuntenloze draw. Blue-black took in the Jupiler Pro League only 10 to 30.

For Ivan Leko gives that situation no extra pressure. “I always feel maximum pressure for each match. Yes, you can talk about the lesser results in the league, but there were also the 6 points in the Champions League and the compliments about our team from coaches like Simeone (Atlético) and Favre (Dortmund). It is important to in the run-up to a competition, the emphasis on the positive to explain, so I sit there, in each other. 10 in 30 is a fact but there are also other things you can focus.”

Refaelov versus Vanaken

With Lior Refaelov is an old acquaintance on the other side. The midfielder was able to blue-black can no longer count on a rise and drew this summer at Antwerp, where he is the great patron.

“I’m happy for him, he deserves a nice welcome after all that he has done for this club”, was Leko full of praise for the Israeli. Had he not then be able to use? “Look, I did that last season, tried but with even Shaper and Vanaken in the team, it was difficult to find a balance. Therefore, I have at a particular time chosen. But I’m happy to see how important he can be for a topploeg, as a person, he deserves that. Just as Vanaken at us, he does everything to the best players on their best games.”

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