Johan Veugelers and Anja make gender baby known

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2019 looks promising for Johan Veugelers and his partner Anja Pit. They will welcome next year for their first child. Creativity has the couple clearly have no lack, because on January 26, organize them, unique in Flanders a Gender Reveal Party. The couple will be in a festive way the sex of the baby reveal. Upon entering the hall, people will notice that everything is decorated with blue and pink balloons and with many question marks. On the basis of pink and blue notes, allowed the visitors take a gamble what is now actually the gender will be. Every visitor gets a cake with a pink or a blue filling. By this pastry to eat it, people know immediately whether it’s a boy (blue fill), or a girl (pink fill). That day, there is also a double occurrence of Johan Veugelers.

Anja and Johan want to the party is still fairly intimate hold and therefore, there are only 150 people allowed in the blue room (a hint ?) of Banquet hall Den Egger, August Nihoulstraat 74 to 3270 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem. Who would like to assist on Saturday 26 January between 15h and 19.30 you will quickly have his or her place. Tickets cost 7 euros, including a pastry. They are available through or to the fanstand of Johan Veugelers. For questions and info please visit 0494/29.90.79.

(Nico Vanaken)

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