German animal shelters ban adoptions during the holidays: ‘our impulsadopties less of a problem’

0df1c6212f48485a9d3f575abb194671 - German animal shelters ban adoptions during the holidays: ‘our impulsadopties less of a problem’

Several German animal shelters ban the adoption of animals during the christmas and new year to impulsadopties. In Flanders, there are other measures taken so that people think carefully before they have a cute animal to adopt.

German animal shelters see every year how people impulsively animal pick up during the holidays, for themselves, the children or as a gift. Ends up a lot of animals back at the shelter. In order to have several German animal shelters decided to not have animals to adopt from the 18th of december. Most animal shelters continue to be in that period be open so that people, the animals can visit, but they will in January have to come back if they have the animal to take home.


Flemish parliament member Sabine Vermeulen asked how the situation looks in Flanders. According to the Flemish minister for animal Welfare Ben Weyts (N-VA), Flanders, several measures to impulsadopties to discourage.

“We have just launched a campaign, where we people want to encourage you to consult with the shelters and their services in place of all too quickly to a pet store to walk,” says spokesman Jeroen Tiebout.

‘In addition, we have also ensured that any potential adopter will be notified on the basis of a questionnaire to him or her to point out the responsibilities and duties associated with an animal, such as sufficient space, the financial burden, the necessary time and attention that an animal needs… up there is usually also a time to reflect and be animals at the first contact already included with the candidate-adoptive parent, ” says Tiebout.


At the animal Shelter in Ghent are the holidays no peak for adoptions. ‘The average number of candidate-adopters throughout the year remains about the same,’ says managing director Eddy De Landtsheer. “But we have a decent conversation with would-be adopters in order to estimate whether it is an impulsive purchase. If people, for example, a dog wants to adopt, they must first get acquainted with the dog and agreed to go for a walk.’

At the shelter Help Animals in Brussels to watch them around the holidays for people who are impulsive a animal want to adopt. “We prohibit any adoptions in this period, but we pay attention extra on because we don’t want people to have a animal come and get it as a gift’, says Mireille. “We know, of course, never be 100 percent, or an impulsive adoption. But it is rare that people in our immediately an animal to take home. They have several times come back to us, so we are sure that they are well of have to think things over.’

According to her, wish there were more people in the christmas season, virtually adopt an animal, though that’s not always necessarily impulsive. “Some people think good about after, and because during the holidays, on holiday, they want to then virtually adopt an animal to give the animal more time and attention to give when the just in the home. If they are good about thinking we allow them the animal to adopt.’


Currently it is at konijnenasiel Bunny Tails vzw a calm period. For rabbits, the problem is not so great at the end of the year, but around Easter, ” Katya says Wauters. ‘But we select the people we allow to adopt. We appreciate in advance very specific questions and we will inform everyone honestly and openly. We say, for example, that a rabbit ten years can life. If the rabbit is a present for the children, we say always that children at a certain moment, the make tired of to go, giving the parents the care will have to take over. That makes for a afschrikeffect for impulsive adoptiekandidaten.’

Wauters can understand the actions of the German animal shelters as they are for the welfare of the animals to enter. ‘If they are in Germany will see that there are too many animals as gifts to be embraced and to be returned, I understand that they line to enter. But with us it is less of a problem.’

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