Gatwick airport will remain certainly until the morning of Friday closed, still drone(s) in the near

The airport of Gatwick in London, the number two in the United Kingdom and the seventh largest in Europe, will remain certainly until the morning of Friday closed. The occasion is the presence of one or more drones already since Wednesday night on several occasions in the vicinity of the airport were identified.

The police and the army have been deployed, including helicopters, but the problem is still not resolve. The police says to the British tv channel BBC that she is considering a drone to shoot down.

The closure of the second largest airport of the United Kingdom leads to a lot of inconvenience. Thursday were 760 flights, good for 110.000 passengers, cancelled.

Or the airport Friday morning again will open, remains unclear. Ryanair announced that all its flights Friday redirected to the airport of Stansted, northeast of London.

‘Intentionally cause inconvenience’

The perpetrator of the drone activity is risking up to five years in prison, warned the British prime minister, Theresa May earlier today.

According to detective Jason Tingley, the police have some suspects, ” including some groups, in the visor, which is now to be examined. “We must work from the assumption that this is a professional ready made drone is with the intention that this disruption.’

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