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Four Red Lions have the nomination in the bag for Hockey Stars Awards

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Four of the Red Lions, who last week was crowned world champion crowned, have a nomination for the FIH Hockey Stars Awards in the bag.

Arthur Van Doren can follow as the Player of the Year and with the competition from Simon Gougnard. Vincent Vanasch for the second year in a row as the best goalkeeper will be elected and Arthur de Sloover has been nominated as a Promise of the Year, an award that last time to Van Doren went.

The 24-year-old Van Doren and the 27-year-old Gougnard get the shortlist of five candidates. The other three are the Dutch Billy Baker, the Englishman Barry Middleton and Aussie Jake Whetton.

Vanasch, 31 years old, is located in the balance sheet with the Dutch Pirmin Blaak, the Australian Tyler Lovell, the Englishman George Pinner and the German, Tobias Walter. The Australians Tim Fire and Jake Harvie, the German Timm Herzbruch, and the Dutchman Thijs van Dam are the rivals of the 21-year-old De.

A poll for the players and the audience determines the profit. The Trainer of the Year, last year, the Belgian national coach Shane McLeod, by a panel of experts referred to. the winners will be Monday, January 14, announced.

The women they no Belgian nominees.

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