Family: murder of Evy Marie continues to haunt

2988fd74f23dc36b2eb10deeed5c293a - Family: murder of Evy Marie continues to haunt

It was one of the highlights of the year in the Family: the murder of Evy (Marianne Devriese) a few weeks ago. A murder in a fit of zinsverbijstering committed was by Marie (Lien Van de Kelder), that Evy, the silence wanted to impose. What happened after the facts in the head of Marie of orleans, remained a mystery for the viewers. Up to now, because in the new webreeks Fever let Marie from Tuesday 25 december until.e.m. Wednesday, January 2, every day in her head look.

The new webreeks, each day at 12.00 a new episode on and in the VTM app appears, takes place the weekend before Christmas. A fevered Marie is plagued by a nightmare, in which they the murder of Evy relives. The relief after waking, is but of short duration, for suddenly Marie again eye-to-eye with Evy. A miraculous resurrection? A mind that is her haunts? Or a ijldroom from guilt? Marie wants only one thing: to be rid of that imagination, who claims to be her haunt until they are debt known…

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