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Facebook comments: own Stablecoin is supposed to come – Coin Hero

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Facebook comments: a company wants to introduce its own Stablecoin

Home News Facebook comments: company wants to own Stablecoin introduce

Matthias Nemack –

So now it’s out. Facebook is indeed planning for the introduction of a digital currency. In connection with the messenger service WhatsApp. The first Details are now known.

Whatsapp-the User will have to pay with the Coin in the System

Even if this year was not currencies, not necessarily the best in the history of the Crypto and more and more companies recognise the opportunities of the Blockchain and the digital currencies. Hardly a week our last message to the alleged Facebook plans old only. The Internet giant had not expressed any views until the last publicly to the rumors that they are working on a own crypto-currency. Just in time for Christmas, a Statement was finally. The development Department has been working on a currency for the service WhatsApp, as it is called, among other things, the Portal Bloomberg, at the present day. The company allowed users for a few weeks already, the Litecoin shipping on the in-house Messenger.

Decision in favour of a stable coins brings security

It is also known that the Social Media giant Bitcoin, Ripple and other currencies, the current Top 10 wants to make a Stablecoin competition. This, in turn, is pegged to the US Dollar, so in any case, the opinion is interpreted at the moment in the media. The target group is with about 1.5 billion Whatsapp users around the world is extremely large, which could increase the interest for the crypto issue in people who previously had no, or hardly any points of contact to the industry.

Especially India to the area of use for the Token

The sources report, however, that Facebook should have a certain environment in the development. In particular, on the rapidly growing market of India, the coming currency seems to aim. Within the App on the Smartphone, the new Token can then be used in the future for payment transactions. India is an obvious area of application, since there are already stronger than in many other countries via the App in everyday life will be paid. Being on Blockchain systems. It remains to be seen whether the example of Facebook will also make other Global players in the areas of Social Media or the Online trading school next year.

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