Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster marry

deed2738b615f141037806f2ad846187 - Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster marry

Beautiful scoop in the newspapers of “media house”. Friday morning titles the newspapers of the group that Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster are going to get married. Eva, who still have until Monday, in The Warmest Week to see and hear, is getting married to Jan Paternoster, the frontman of Black Box Revelation. The two are already together for a short time but their relationship came in the summer of 2017 to the light. In the autumn of 2016 were Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster can still be seen in The Smartest Man In the World, they would still not fall in love with each other. At that moment, Eva was still together with her boyfriend, Remi, Jan Paternoster had something with actress Anemone Valcke. The spark between Eva and Jan struck in the spring of 2017, when both Eva and Jan participated in the 1000 km Kom op tegen kanker. It clicked very well between those two and one thing led to another. The love for each other also appears to be particularly large, best proof of this is the wedding ring on the finger of Eva De Roo.

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