Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster have a memorable news

33f99ce8414cb8bf4bfac7d9ddd64490 - Eva De Roo and Jan Paternoster have a memorable news

If you are the Warmest Week on the foot follows, you had the golden ring around Eva’s finger probably already noticed. The radiopresentatrice and guitarist of Black Box Revelation have now on Instagram confirmed that she is engaged. “As one of the hottest guitarists of our country you really ask, then doubt you not.”

The two met on the set of ‘The Smartest Man In the World’. Both of them had when the finals week, but it was still a short wait on the proverbial spark. Eva De Roo was at that time still together with her French friend Rémi. Jan Paternoster, in turn, had a relationship with actress Anemone Valcke.

Only in the summer of 2017, confirmed Eva and Jan that they were together. And a year and a half later they are so engaged. “I’m going to marry the hottest guitarist of the country”, says Eva. It is not yet clear when the two are going to get married or how Jan asked her to marry him, but that is soon likely to change.

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