Drew Barrymore shows the dark side of “happy” Hollywoodleven

c2574fd0c1e5c8f170483634020a7186 - Drew Barrymore shows the dark side of "happy" Hollywoodleven

The American actress Drew Barrymore has two photos on Instagram made clear that behind the “happy” Hollywoodfaçade also bitter reality prevails. In an emotional Instagrampost explains the actress of ‘Bad Girls’ and ’50 First Dates’ that her life is not always a bed of roses, although a lot of people out there assume because Hollywood is mostly the beautiful moments of life are highlighted.

She shows two photos. One that they are nicely formatted and happy looks, and one that she was in tears erupts. “On some days I feel really good”, referring to the first photo. “I can look beautiful after two hours of working on my hair and make-up. And professional photography and lighting helps.”

“But what I can’t hide, is that it is sometimes difficult to have, and then I see there not so good”, referring to the second picture. “I realize that I’m lucky and that my problems are soluble. For that I am immensely grateful. But sometimes life takes a strange twist and you feel rotslecht. Then cry and we scrape we’re all our courage to get back on, step-by-step”, sounds.

Her sincere explanation could acclaim count of her followers. “Thank you for your humanity to show. You’re always a huge inspiration for me. You radiate so much positivity. You are so loving”, sounds more.

The former kindster, who became known for her role as the 7-year-old Gertie in E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial’, went through hell when she was two years ago divorced from her third husband, actor Will Kopelman, whom she has two daughters. “That separation was my biggest nightmare. I wanted my children to grow up on a ultraklassieke way. But to no avail,” she said at the time, in the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

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