Drama for Jan from Farmer seeks Wife

3291f10217fe4a156d09e57ea1348b6d - Drama for Jan from Farmer seeks Wife

The Qmusic-ochtendtrio Sam De Bruyn, Wim Oosterlinck and Heidi Van Tielen wanted to know how Farmer seeks Wife-couple Romina and Jan is in Australia, so they called and Romina this morning. The West-Flemish told immediately what they had experienced: “We are still just recovering from everything, because there is today a big storm passed. There was about 160 kilometers per hour wind. We were yesterday, something to go for a drink in the village and there was also some storm, but still not excessive. When we were driving home, that is about three quarters of an hour, we saw trucks that collapsed were power poles that were at the bottom of the cases, trees, houses, … When we ramp performance, we saw that the roof of Jake’s house was gone completely. The veranda is also the left part of the house was gone. It is uninhabitable, so we had to stay temporarily in the house of Jans landlord.”
In addition, all is going well between the couple: “Everything is going well between us. We are happy that we are together. We had, when I was in Belgium, also in daily contact. We called certainly every day to a minimum of an hour or two. So we were really happy when we meet terugzagen in the airport,” said Romina. “Jan and his parents are in Australia and are on their way here to be together at Christmas to celebrate. I look over there.”

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