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Competitiehervorming remains a top priority for the Pro League

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By the voetbalschandalen and the subsequent storm around the power of the football agent, seems to be the reform of the competitieformat to the background reference. “It remains a priority for the Pro League”, denies CEO Pierre François, Friday in an interview with Belga.

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The current tv contract expires in 2020, at the end of next season. To the new round of negotiations with the rights holders in the best possible conditions to start as soon as possible clarity regarding the format. “The tv rights will depend on the competitieformule, and there is a collective agreement for the need,” says François.

“We are on the eve of June 2020. It is high time that we the internal negotiations about the formula to boot. So we on the basis of a competitieformat a tender start for the tv-rights. But our agenda was the past few weeks are quite full of”, refers François to the scandals which, in recent weeks the Belgian football in his grip. At the latest in may 2019, all clubs still get together to go over the competitieformule.

That the Pro League is still no agreement on the format, immobilises Belgium on the tv rechtenmarkt. “Take the example of France. Our Neighbours have minted from the transfer of Neymar to PSG. Immediately after that, they have their rights for the period 2020-2024 sold. That was an interesting time,” says François.

The Pro League is not on the sidelines will be some racism in the stadiums. Last Monday, were still in the bondsregels strengthened in January, must still be approved by the national reglementencommissie. “The Pro League should be on racism continue to respond, and a motor in the fight against it,” said the Liege CEO. “We must ensure that clubs have sufficient initiatives continue to take.”

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