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Commotion in the Bundesliga: Werder Bremen used a drone to opponent Hoffenheim to spy on

The Bundesliga club Werder Bremen, gives a drone used to have in the run-up to the match against Hoffenheim last Wednesday (1-1). That has sporting director of Werder Bremen’s Frank Baumann Friday published on the clubwebsite.

During the last training before the competitiematch against Werder Bremen noticed some Hoffenheim players with a drone on top of their heads. According to Hoffenheim was not given permission, and they got promptly to the police.

In the investigation, it was quickly looked at opponent Werder Bremen. Frank Baumann, athletic director at Bremen, admits that his club is responsible for the incident. “A scout wanted to collect information from the training of Hoffenheim and used, therefore, for a short period of time, a drone. This drone flew over the site and there was no danger for the players”, says Baumann, who emphasized that everything is already resolved. “We have nothing illegal done. We have the case already with Hoffenheim discussed, and everything is settled. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience on the players.”

It is not the first time in the football world that a drone causes problems. In 2017, accused Honduras Australia spy with a drone in the run-up to the world cup-kwalificatieduel between the two countries.

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