Britney Spears was out on the “Hello World” by Belle Perez

6cda6464275e08e23f043c24c94e74ce - Britney Spears was out on the "Hello World" by Belle Perez

The Qmusic-ochtendtrio Sam De Bruyn, Heidi Van Tielen and Wim Oosterlinck, if Friday is also the last mystery guest to receive in the ochtendshow: Belle Perez. The singer broke through in the Zeroes with the number ‘Hello World’ and that she was also something lost: “It now sounds very bizarre, but it’s really true: Britney Spears wanted to ‘Hello World'”, well-known Belle. “My producers have decided to have the number in Belgium. That is in the united states, where I also have a very tour have done and then via the European countries to Belgium and the Netherlands have come.”
Next year celebrates Belle Perez that she was 20 years on the stage: “I still enjoy every day and I am very grateful.” Belle Perez brought as a result of the Top 500 of the 00’s is still a medley of her greatest hits from that period in the Qmusic-ochtendshow: El Mundo Bailando, Que Viva La Vida and Enamorada.

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