Amber Heard got death threats

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Depp has all always accusations denied.

After Amber Heard himself publicly, had spoken about the domestic violence that she suffered at the time of her relationship with Johnny Depp, she had every week a different phone number to take because of serious threats to her address. It even went so far that there are death threats coming in. This she writes in a piece published in The Washington Post.

“For months I left barely in my apartment and when I did, I was chased by photographers on foot, on a motorcycle or in a car and flew there dronecamera’s about. I had the feeling that I publicly rightly was and that my life depended on judgments that are far beyond my reach. I was told that I was not more to the tank would be on a black list would come to be. I just had a photo shoot done for a two-year campaign as the face of a big fashion brand and that company dumped me. I asked myself, starting to wonder if I my roles in the films Justice League and Aquaman would still be retained. It was me in any case clear how men are to be protected, despite the bad things they have done,” said Amber.

Although they Depp not by name, it is clear that it is about him, and their stormy relationship, because she talks about ‘two years ago’, the period in which Amber with him. Depp has all always accusations denied.

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