Air traffic at Gatwick again halted by incident with drone

b1ffeb5bdb79683bff9f910f58508f3f - Air traffic at Gatwick again halted by incident with drone

The air traffic at Gatwick on Friday evening, again shut down after close to the airport, a drone is detected. Also all flights to the airport have been temporarily suspended.

The airport of Gatwick in London, the number two in the United Kingdom and the seventh largest in Europe, was not until Friday morning back open, after a closure of more than 30 hours by the presence of one or more drones. Since Wednesday night, in the vicinity of the airport several times already, such devices have been spotted.

It was by the reopening again on a limited number of flights to continue. After around 17.10 local time again, a drone was spotted, all air traffic was again stopped. ‘We are checking the unconfirmed reports that a drone has been observed,” says a spokesperson of the airport, to Reuters. “There may at this time, no single unit to increase or countries.’

It is still not clear who the drones is in control and why he to the airport and let fly. Local authorities say that they have a ‘potential person’ have been identified.

Enormous nuisance

The police said earlier on the British transmitter BBC that she is considering a drone to shoot down. That option was initially excluded because of concerns about ‘stray bullets’.

The closure of the second largest airport of the United Kingdom leads to a lot of inconvenience. Thursday were 760 flights, good for 110.000 passengers, cancelled.

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