Wins Peter Van de Veire is The Smartest Man In the World?

f87f6c8c687c2ae6e64e4d5795d80d39 - Wins Peter Van de Veire is The Smartest Man In the World?

He usually comes in slowly in but does the most of the opportunity to The Smartest Man In the World to win. Tonight you can FOUR watch the final episode of season 16. Around 23 hours we will know finally who is the successor of Xavier Taveirne will be. The chances are that this Peter Van de Veire will be. Over the past years, it was time on time a man who with the victory went home. Nevertheless, Peter Van de Veire not sure of his piece because he loses against two very strong candidates: Julie Colpaert and Michèle Cuvelier. Michèle is a presenter on Studio Brussels and is currently in The Warmest Week. She set last season in a recordscore down, no one previously scored in the long history of the program 598 seconds. But also, Julie Colpaert broke a record, namely, that of the number of participations. The nieuwsanker managed to no less than 12 entries on her list of achievements. No, Peter Van de Veire is going to be victory not a gift given but never underestimate him. The MNM presenter has proven that he is in many markets at home.

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