Will Smith puts fans feel about appearance Spirit

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Fans of Smith were shocked because he is not blue on the photos

For the first time, there are images of Will Smith in the remake of Disney’s Aladdin released. On social media and caused mixed reactions, because the actor, who in the skin of the Ghost creeps on the photos is not blue like in the original cartoon. Will asked the fans, however, soon reassured on Instagram.

“I am still blue. This is how the Spirit in its human form looks like. For my character to be mostly computer animations are used”, he wrote in a comment to a startled follower.

The photos were placed in the magazine Entertainment Weekly. Until now there was only a teaser appeared in which only Aladdin, played by Mena Massoud, was to be seen. In the live-action film is Naomi Scott princess Jasmine and the Dutchman Marwan Kenzari will play the role of Jafar.

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