Ultratop 2018: the year of Dua Lipa, Niels Destadsbader and collaborations

0047ff036a6f08d2fa02b080cf4f7959 - Ultratop 2018: the year of Dua Lipa, Niels Destadsbader and collaborations

What the singles, 2018 the year of Dua Lipa. She is the only artist with five songs in the top 100 of the year is featured and scored in collaboration with Calvin Harris is also the biggest hit of the year. ‘One Kiss’ was 13 weeks at the top, that was the longest for a number in 2018, and also a record for Dua Lipa. Never before was a song with a female vocal for so long on 1 in the Ultratop 50. ‘The Ketchup Song (Aserejé)’ was in 2002, 12 weeks on 1. Also broke Calvin Harris the record for Amy Macdonald, who with ‘This Is The Life’ in 2008 for 11 weeks, 1 spot, until then the longest ever for a Scottish artist.

Just as, in 2017, we observed in 2018, with 9 number 1 hits. On 2 ends ‘Zoutelande’ of the Band and Geike Arnaert. By 37 weeks the number is the longest noted in the list. There were three different no. 1’s for the Belgian/Dutch cooperation. 3 in the jaarlijst we find such ‘Crazy’ by Lost Frequencies & Eccentric and at 4 ‘Ellie’ Regi feat. Jake Reese. For Regi, it was the biggest hit of his career, under any name, and the seventh number 1, which he has written and produced (two solo, four with Milk Inc., one with Liquid feat. Silvy). With five number 1 hits is Lost Frequencies ex aequo with Adamo at number 2 in the list of Belgian artists with the most no. 1 singles ever, after Will Tura 9.

Dua Lipa gets 5 times the end table, but also Ed Sheeran is like in 2017, 4 times in the annual review. Also Marshmello, Anne-Marie and Post Malone succeed. Lost Frequencies and Like Mike are the only local artists that we 3 times encounter.

‘Zoutelande’ was the greatest Flemish Dutch-speaking hit. It was also 21 weeks at 1 in the Flemish top 50, the longest ever, and therefore the record taking on of ‘Horizon’ from Tourist LeMC feat. Spiritually Wally from 2016. Niels Destadsbader, Bazart and Tourist LeMC took the top 100 of the year, which we again 1 Flemish song more in the jaarlijst see than in 2017.

17 local numbers, the jaarlijst, 3 more than the year before, that we are again at the level of 2012 are.

Of our northern neighbours, we note especially the three collaborations, the on 2, 3 and 4 are finished. In addition, Frenna, a Thief and a Lil Small, just the top 100 and was the comeback of Tiësto, who for the first time since 2006 once a hit is scored. For the French note, only Maître Gims & Vianney, while the biggest summer hits again from Luis Fonsi and Alvaro Soler came.

Last year we recorded with 25 titles a new record urbanmuziek in the jaarlijst. In 2018 fell that number back a bit, to 22. In addition to the continued success of e.g. Drake, performed a couple of new artists to the foreground, such as Cardi B, Aya Nakamura, Post Malone and the now deceased XXXTentacion. ‘One Kiss’ by Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa, of course, was also the largest danshit of the year. The number was also 19 weeks at 1 on the dancechart, that the one-year-old record of ” You Don’t Know Me’ by Jax Jones feat. Raye was broken. In addition, if the jaarlijst very pop and dance, but what especially stands out are the number of collaborations. A record number of 56 titles from a gelegenheidsduo or contains featurings, which is often a mix of pop, urban and dance provide.

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