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Tosh Van der Sande reacts after positive doping test: “Merely a mistake”

0dd4d07819397b9e983a4dfd829dd978 - Tosh Van der Sande reacts after positive doping test: “Merely a mistake”

The positive doping test of Tosh Van der Sande during the six days of Ghent is the result of a “material mistake”, reports the rider from team Lotto Soudal Thursday in a press release. There was a wrong nasal spray listed on the dopingcontroleformulier.

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“During the six days of Ghent, I was checked for doping. The last day is common to all the riders that the stage have met, to be checked”, it sounds in a press release. “Great was my astonishment, then a letter will receive a different result. My steel contained prednisolone, originating from the nasal spray Sofrasolone. This nasal spray is available free, I was worried by the team doctor and is admitted in-competition to the extent stated on the dopingcontroleformulier.”

“I took this intranasal. In the hustle and bustle was in error on the form “Mometasone spray” instead of “Sofrasolone”, which for the same medical indications is used. So, it is purely a material mistake. In the past I already used alternates between the two nasal sprays, increasingly delivered through a team doctor.”

“I will now, together with my counsel, Mr. Johnny Maeschalck and Mr. Kristof De Saedeleer and my manager Jef Van den Bosch, do what is necessary in order to indicate to the UCI, and my name purify.”

After the positive doping test came to light, it was decided to Lotto Soudal his rider provisionally suspended pending the investigation of the International Cycling union (UCI). On the six days of Gent, reed, Van der Sande on the side of team mate Jasper De Buyst, they finished in third place.

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