Set Japan new step towards commercial whaling?

9aae75c61f47713aadf7e354e40dfba4 - Set Japan new step towards commercial whaling?

Japan is considering to the International Walviscommissie to the steps so that they return to the whale can hunt. Within the commission, namely a ban on commercial whaling. This is evident from a report by news agency Kyodo. Kyoto denies the report.

A spokesman for the Japanese Fisheries ministry denies that Japan the commission will leave. “Japan still want the commercial hunt to re-open, but reports that the commission will leave are not correct’, says a spokesman to the British newspaper The Guardian. The government would by the end of the year to make a decision about the membership of the commission, reports the Japanese news agency Kyodo on Thursday, based on anonymous sources.

There is since 1986 a moratorium on commercial whaling. Japan killed over the past years or animals, but officially was that whenever ‘for scientific reasons’. For the commercial catch would be Japan, especially in its own waters to hunt. Hunting whales in Arctic waters is excluded, sounds. According to Japan, the population of cetaceans greatly increased and hunting is, therefore, defensible.

Japan threatened in the past to get out of the International Walviscommissie. ‘The commission leave would be a dangerous precedent for other international treaties and conventions, ” says Darren Kindleysides, director of the Australian Marine Conservation Society. If Japan is the future of the whales is to secure, they will the commission do not leave.’

Yet the country not only with his question. Both Norway and Iceland want the commercial whaling re-enter.

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