Putin warns of worldwide kernwapenconflict

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Russian president Vladimir Putin in his annual eindejaarspersconferentie the US criticized, because the country withdraws from a weapons convention. At the same time he backs the decision of U.s. president Donald Trump to his troops to withdraw from Syria.

“We see an erosion of international arms control,” said Putin. On 20 October announced Trump that he withdraws from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, that both the US and Russia prohibits to medium-range ballistic missiles in Europe. “I don’t know what we will do if these weapons in Europe,” said Putin. ‘We will have our safety should certainly guarantee.’

In addition, it refuses to Trump, according to Putin to negotiate the New START pact, which in 2021 will come to an end. “There are still no negotiations started, the Americans are not interested, or they have a pact not needed?’, asked Putin. “We will survive, we know how to do that. But this is a dangerous situation for mankind.’

Putin praised Trump for his decision to use the military forces to withdraw from Syria. ‘The presence of the US in Syria to a political solution, to obtain for the conflict is not necessary, ” said Putin. His own army remains, however, still present. “The Russian military presence is at the invitation of the Syrian government,” said Putin.

Relationship with United Kingdom

The Russian president took during his eindejaarspersconferentie also the link with the United Kingdom. The relationship between the countries is suffering from hypothermia since the Russian Sergei Skripal, a former double agent, poisoned, was in Salisbury, England. Still hopes Putin that ‘common sense’ comes to the fore.

Putin is supporting British prime minister May with her decisions about the Brexit. “I understand the decision of the prime minister May order a second referendum. They need the will of the people, and the results of the first referendum to be respected.’

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