Presidential elections in the Drc are again delayed

fe4bf395cc6dd8054d2f5a01a1ada275 - Presidential elections in the Drc are again delayed

The long-awaited, for Sunday’s planned presidential elections in the Drc are again delayed. The electoral commission calls it ebola, ethnic violence, and a lack of stembrieven as a reason. A date for new elections is not there yet.

The electoral commission reported the decision Thursday in a meeting of the different candidates for the presidential election. It reports the American news agency Reuters on the basis of an interview with presidential candidate Theodore Ngoy.

According to Ngoy said the electoral commission ‘is not technically able to be’ the elections Sunday organized to get. So destroyed in a fire last week, more than 8,000 voting computers. However, said the electoral commission after the fire that the vote in the Congolese capital could continue. Also there were more than a hundred dead in ethnic violence.

Later on Thursday afternoon organizes the electoral commission a press conference. There is currently no visibility on a new date.

All deferred for two years

The second term of current president Joseph Kabila ran the end of 2016. He did over the past few years, however, all the elections on the long path to slide.

In addition to a twenty candidate-presidents, there are also more than 15,000 candidates of the 500 seats in the national parliament aspire to, and for the 715 seats in the 26 provincieraden there are nearly 20,000 candidates.

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