Planckaerts victim of fake news

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It is a long time ago that ex-topwielrenner and host Eddy Planckaert once again came in the news but this week is again from that. Though this time not in a fun way. Eddy Planckaert is the victim of a fake news about bitcoins. That know the VRT. Planckaert itself, and other victims are planning to take action. Under the headline “Eddy Planckaert Reveals How He After A Bankruptcy, € 2.3 Million in Earned – According to Him, Anyone Can, And In the “Z-News”, He Shows How!” is on a website told you how Eddy Planckaert of a bankruptcy restored. That would, according to the website in question happened thanks to a bitcoinplatform. Those who read on, will discover more errors. It makes everything quite unbelievable but without doubt there are also people who’s story to believe.

In addition, at the bottom of the page, there is a commercial link, which is also the eyebrows should cause any problems. Eddy Planckaert has the matter examined by his lawyer, and who is going to complain. Eddy wants, namely, that the misuse of his name stops. “We’re going to try to do everything against this to do. We have also reported to the official reporting, and to Facebook itself”, respond the Planckaerts. “It is striking that the message appears in my mother, aunts, and uncles, but not with me,” says Stephanie Planckaert on the VRT.

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