Pants caused helikopterongeluk

02512a64b34f9fbfef8ee103e9bca038 - Pants caused helikopterongeluk

Nothing more or less than a pair of pants in New Zealand an accident with a helicopter caused. Three months earlier, died the brother of the driver in a different helikopterongeval.

Two brothers from New Zealand died a mere three months after the other during two different helikopterongelukken near the tourist resort, Wanaka. On October 18, died, Hughes W. when he was a helicopter controlled. The cause appears to be bizarre: a pair of trousers came in the rear rotor. There were three people killed during the accident.


According to a report released of the commission of inquiry would be the helikopterdeur itself may be open, then the pants out of the cabin, escaped, and in the rear rotor, the townspeople during take-off.

The month before the accident would be the helikopterdeur already three times themselves are open, but that was not reported. According to the commission of inquiry, it is still too early to know with certainty whether the opened door is part of the cause of the crash, but had the previous incidents need to be reported.

Not even three months earlier, died, Hughes’ brother Matt W. in a different helikopterongeluk. He collapsed in July down at the Lake Wanaka when he was a Robinson R44 helicopter controlled.

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