Oldest children want Brad not to see more

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The three oldest children always chose their mothers side

Although Angelina Jolie and Brad a tentative agreement over the shared custody of their children, according to Radar Online still not all cake and egg. So would the three oldest children of the former glamourkoppel; sons, Maddox (17) and Pax (15) and daughter Zahara (13) their father actually not want to see.

“Does Brad have a lot of pain and even worse is that they always have their mothers side have chosen,” says an insider. “Friends of Brad have the feeling that they have turned against him when the matter of custody was still running. They are old enough now to make a decision to make, especially Maddox, and Brad hopes that she to him because they want to and not because a judge has determined.”

“With regard to the three other children: twins Vivienne and Knox (10) are the least aware of the separation, because Angelina and her ‘babies’ as much as possible wanted to protect all the wild stories that the round did. Daughter Shiloh (12) wants her father’s love, but also struggling with the situation. Brad tries their band to recover and encourages her to also go to acting, because she turns out to be talent to have. But that is Angie, not because she Shiloh is too young.”

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