Niels Destadsbader 1 in Gert Last Year?

fa07996bf21ce6c5961d43e51b631fa5 - Niels Destadsbader 1 in Gert Last Year?

Tonight, you FOUR look at the fourth episode of Gert Last Year. In it are Kat Kerkhofs, Tim Van Aelst and Niels Destadsbader guest. They came yesterday all in the castle of Gert Verhulst and during that program will also be the number 1 in the top 100 of 2018 to be published. Go Cat Kerkhofs with that award to get? Or are the Red Devils on 1? Or Tim Van Aelst? The chance also exists that Niels Destadsbader with the trophy to home. You can see it tonight at 20: 35 hours in the latest episode of Gert Last Year of this week.

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