Momoa asked for advice to Michael Fassbender about Aquaman

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Momoa got the role after an audition for Batman

Jason Momoa sought advice from actor Michael Fassbender after he as Aquaman was cast. “I’ve not really told anyone,” he says to the Irish broadcaster RTE. “This is the first time, and I try not to name-dropping to do, but I have a dear friend from Ireland, Michael Fassbender, and I’ve been spending time with them to talk about superheldenrollen, because he X-Men and Jonah Hex has done.”

“He said that I have moments of myself in the film had to bring in. He had a great influence on me, and I have done a lot in Aquaman.”

Momoa is happy that he has been able to a Hawaiian superhero in the movies to play, but he revealed recently that he auditioned had done for another superhero, Batman. That role went to Ben Affleck. “It was a big casting, so I knew a lot of people were going to do, and it just felt as if it was a booby trap was…..”, he gave in in the interviewserie Jake’s Takes.

“I was about two to three weeks later called and said Snyder: “I want you to Aquaman plays’, ‘Excuse me?’ it seemed,” he recalls.

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