Macaulay Culkin plays again Kevin from ‘Home Alone’

2395ae8fd87d2902918dcd9e024e16bb - Macaulay Culkin plays again Kevin from 'Home Alone'

Macaulay Culkin, known as Kevin McCallister from the kinderklassieker ‘Home Alone’, even in the skin of his iconic character crawled. He did not do that for a follow-up movie about the adult Kevin, but for a commercial.

The mischievous 10-year-old boy who we know from ‘Home Alone’ is now a grown man of 38, but in the ad for Google’s Assistant, it appears that the “old Kevin” not to that age behave. We see him search for his mother, on the bed to jump and popcorn for the tv to hang. And during the entire movie he is… yes, only at home.

Two differences with the now 28-year-old film: Kevin gets back pain during the bedspringen, and he makes quite a bit of advertising for Google Assistant. In the clip, we see him all kinds of commands to the digital assistant of the internetgigant. For the eye of the camera, all taakjes of course, performed flawlessly.

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