It will be the fans of Family do not like to read

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The fans of Family have the past few weeks to process. The stabbing on Amélie remains reverberating. Who oh who is the culprit? Is it Marie? Or Marie-Rose? There are several suspects but it is Véronique who is already in jail. If we are the new photos of the VTM-soap view, then Véronique, there is yet staying a while. On Wednesday 2 January 2019, the lawsuit against her from the start, and on Friday, 4 January runs the midseason finale almost entirely around the assassination attempt on Amélie. A private investigation into the real perpetrator has yet to have a dead finished: Marie has Evy Hermans strangled. The viewers ask themselves for a while when the corpse of Evy will be found, and when her co-residents come to know that Evy is dead. It will immediately become clear how Evy to life, and her life has been robbed? These are all questions that may soon be an answer will be given.

We have now the contents of the week following the midseason finale, and in it we find an answer to any of the above questions back.

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