Hungarian ‘slavenwet’ promulgated

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The Hungarian president Janos Ader has Thursday, the so-called ‘slavenwet’ proclaimed. That means that workers 400 additional hours of overtime are allowed to perform per year, which corresponds to two months of work, while the employers three years to have the time to paying them to do. Against the law all weeks of large protest.

“The law limited the rights of the workers,” as the president, an ally of Viktor Orban, in a press release know. The Fidesz party of premier Viktor Orban, that a two-thirds majority, took the beginning of december a controversial law that economic growth must be ensured by the number of hours of overtime in Hungarian companies to increase.

The head of state has to say that the amendments to the arbeidscode viewed that the Hungarian members of parliament during a tumultuous session on 12 december were approved: “I have determined that there is a similar or even more stringent examples exist in Ireland, Great Britain, the Czech republic and Denmark,” she said.

“I have also the effect of the law on the 4.5 million Hungarian workers investigated and determined that their rights are certainly not limited to it.’

Sunday evenings were once again more than 10,000 people take to the streets raised against the government Orban to demonstrate. It was the fourth protest in five days time. The demonstrators shout ‘traitors, traitors ” and ” Orban go to hell’ for the doors of the Hungarian parliament

The ‘slavenwet’

The law increases the maximum permissible number of hours of overtime of 250 to 400, and gives employers three years to the overtime worked to pay instead of one year. Also, negotiations around overtime directly between employers and employees, and expired, without the intervention of the trade unions. Employees will no longer be working overtime to dare to refuse, for fear the unions.

The many protests impose major obstacles expose of Orbans politics: the Hungarian labour market is struggling with acute shortages that partly caused, by the arbeidsemigratie, but the prime minister wants immigration to be extremely limited. Additionally, Orbans strijdleuze of the past few years, that Hungary, under him is no longer a colony of the international big capital’, are now turned against him.

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