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How are cryptographic VAT paid currencies?

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The year-end is approaching

As the year 2018 approaches with big steps to the end, and thus, the topic of “tax payments” for a lot of people in the next time is always current, we would like to point of crypto Ticker you on a Video from our partner “of The block trainer” in which he addresses the tax issue.

I have to pay taxes only when I have currencies in my Crypto in Fiat exchange? With what rate of tax you will be taxed? There is a possibility of Bitcoin and co. to sell tax-free?
These and other questions in The block, the coach answered in his Video to the best of our Knowledge and belief. If you don’t know yet exactly how to work with your crypto-currencies, tax must be uniform deal, then watch the Video make sure you check out.

And here comes a small Disclaimer: Especially with this sensitive topic, however, it is extremely important to understand that a tax Advisor is the only Person is that you legally binding advice give can and may.
Neither “The block trainer” nor I, nor any other, is authorized and everything that is said in the Video or somewhere it is written, are only tips and should also be so understood.

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