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Filou Oostende wins now against Italian group leader Virtus Bologna

ba4b020c804d8c4d5105e081245772c0 - Filou Oostende wins now against Italian group leader Virtus Bologna

After victories in the arena’s of the numbers two (Strasbourg) and three (Patras) conquered Ostend is also the scalp of the Italian group leader Virtus Bologna. Djurisic and co won with 77-76.

The Oostendenaars, reflected on the club name of the Italian opponent. Brave and courageous, checked them more than three-quarters of the match. At 20-13 adorned a maximum lead of seven units on the board. Lasisi had three bombs to 100 % binnengeknald. After the break (37-35) names of both teams turn to lead.

Bologna scored a lot from Ostend dispossessions. The Ostend-based bank, produced a very large share in the production, 48 of the 77 points. Ostend also mastered the luchtduels (39-31) and handed out more assists (16-11). In the slotminuten had Desiron (68-67) and Schwartz (77-75) with five errors to the bank. With still a minute and a half on the clock missed Mbaye one of his two vrijworpen: 77-76. Virtus increased the pressure on the ball and the West-Flemish were no more pure doelkansen. Aradori saw a bomb also bad countries and Mwema gathered the rebound. With still 21 seconds ahead of early Virtus a new time-out. The five of Williams-Lasisi-Djurisic-Mwema-Ksteloot defended very well. Aradori was the right direction. Luminary Djurisic (19 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists) picked the decisive terugkaatser and threw the ball high and far. The duo Kesteloot-Lasisi loved the round dingl in the ranks.

FILOU OOSTENDE: (31 to 60 6 15 triples, 9 to 12 vrijworpen, 24 errors) LASISI 9-2, DESIRON 2-2, DJORDJEVIC 0-2, KESTELOOT 0-6, FIELER 6-0, Williams 7-7, Schwartz 0-5, Buza 2-2, Mwema 3-3, Maric 0-0, Djurisic 8-11.

VIRTUS BOLOGNA: (27 to 64 which 9, 25 triples, 13 at 21 vrijworpen, 15 errors) PUNT 6-10, TAYLOR 6-4, ARADORI 5-5, MBAYE 7-5, OUALE 2-11, Cappelletti 2-1, Kravic 5-2, Coumooh 2-3, Pajola 0-0, Rossi 0-0.

QUARTZ: 20-16, 17-19, 18-21, 22-20

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