Feyenoord after resting on edge in bekerduel with FC Utrecht

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  • Feyenoord after resting on edge in bekerduel with FC Utrecht

Feyenoord after resting on edge in bekerduel with FC Utrecht

20 december 2018 18:09
20-12-18 18:09
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In the eighth finals of the TOTO KNVB cup tournament are Thursday with the final two matches on the program: Cossacks Boys-Vitesse (1-2) and Feyenoord-FC Utrecht (20.45 hours). Don’t miss out in our liveblog.

  • Eighth-finals TOTO KNVB cup
  • Cossacks Boys-Vitesse 1-2
  • LIVE: Feyenoord-FC Utrecht 1-0

Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · a few seconds geleden90 ” There will be four minutes of stoppage time. Utrecht gets a corner, which a defender of Feyenoord of the line is reached.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 2 minutes geleden88′ Larsson shoots in a promising position. The attacker of the Team received another strong push, but Kuipers is not a penalty kick. In the counter-attack gets Venema a great chance for Utrecht, but he is not a shot.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 5 minutes geleden86′ Feyenoord has still been no success in the completion. Long shots of Vilhena and substitute Jörgensen go there.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 8 minutes geleden83′ Larsson dribbles to the inside and aims at the far crossing, but the ball goes over. Still it is not decided in The Cockpit.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 12 minutes geleden79′ FC Utrecht plays opportunistischer, giving the Team more space. It promises to be a spectacular day to be.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 19 minutes geleden72′ Toornstra fails to Jensen to pass. The Danish goalkeeper is the best player on Utrecht’s side today.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 21 minutes ago

70′ The rush of Feyenoord is now not going to lie. Utrecht shares and speldenprikjes and always with just 1-0 behind.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 33 minutes geleden58′ Pole! The opportunities are piling up for Feyenoord. Toornstra sends Sinisterra way, that the pole hits. The rebound is not spent on Van Persie.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 35 minutes geleden56′ A wonderful attack of the Team dies in beauty. One after the other player performs a feat, but Van Persie moves the ball in a promising position in front. What a wereldgoal was the other thing…Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 40 minutes geleden51′ Beautiful attack from Feyenoord. Van Persie brings Vilhena in scoring position, but that cuts across the ball.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 41 minutes geleden50′ Feyenoord is also in the early stages of the second half the better team. Vilhena gets a schietkans, but hits the ball very nice and pops high.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden46′ The second half begins, without Steven Berghuis. The attacker is replaced by Luis Sinisterra.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

45+1′ It is quiet in The Cockpit. Feyenoord lead 1-0 thanks to Tonny Vilhena. This header was caught by Utrecht goalkeeper Jensen, but the rebound struck the midfielder still.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden44′ Beautiful failure of Feyenoord. Through Larsson and Berghuis enters the ball to Van Persie, who at six meters from the goal the ball was only half-touch.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden43′ Utrecht insists the last-minute more. It leads to a schietkans for Emanuelson, but Vermeer saves without a lot of problems.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden33′ mountain house lays the ball perfectly ready for Van Persie, but the striker sees Jensen rescue on his slider.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour ago,27′ GOAL Feyenoord! 1-0

Larsson puts a cross with feeling on the head of Vilhena. Utrecht goalkeeper Jensen saves with a handsome reflex, but in the rebound and blasts Vilhena close or touch.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden21′ Larsson fires a free-kick beautifully towards goal, but Jensen manages to get the ball over the crossbar to tap. From the corner that follows is Feyenoord again very dangerous, but Jensen grabs the header from Larsson.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · one hour geleden20′ Excellent sliding tackle from Bart Nieuwkoop, which thus prevents Tannane a free schietkans. The right back of the Team to rescue his team here.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago15′ Lat! A free-kick from Robin van Persie is by the wall changed direction. As a result, Utrecht, the netherlands-goalkeeper Jensen the wrong leg, but he is rescued by the crossbar.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 2 hours ago

11′ The well-stocked Cockpit and see that the first threatening moment for Utrecht. Church plays the ball, however, too far in front of him, allowing Feyenoord goalkeeper Kenneth Vermeer may intervene.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden7′ A cautious start from both teams. The ball goes in a slow pace around, I’m still waiting for the first opportunity.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geleden1′ Kick-off in The Cockpit. Manages cup holder Feyenoord to the quarter-finals to reach, or cross FC Utrecht is there a stick for?Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 2 hours geledenAls we this tweet are to be believed, then FC Utrecht ready for. Even a few minutes in The Cockpit to the kick-off of the last match in the eighth finals.

💪 We’re ready! 💪
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AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen20:37 – 20 december 2018Kozakken Boys-Vitesse · 2 hours geledenVitessenaar Brian Linssen against FOX Sports: “We are, at the end. We have terrible played. These are horrible matches as a Premier league team to play.”Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 2 hours geledenGwaeron Stout of Cossacks Boys at FOX Sports: “it is Perhaps better that we don’t extend play. The forces produced at the end really the road. We have a good game play and clever resistance. Unfortunately the individual quality of the Vitesse the deciding factors.”Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 2 hours ago90+3′ Last!

A very poor Vitesse escapes in Werkendam. Pure long shots of Bero and Ödegaard prove to be sufficient for a 1-2 victory, which hardly deserved to be called.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 2 hours ago90+2′ GOAL Vitesse! 1-2

Ödegaard can of a meter or 25 lash out and get the shot in the bottom corner. The winning hit is out of the blue, because both teams seemed to already reconciled with an extension. Vitesse is in the last eight, but ask not how.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 2 hours geleden90 ” There will be 3 minutes injury time. Can Vitesse a renewal?Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 2 hours ago

85′ The fans of Cossacks Boys can entertain themselves better and better. An extension from the Vitesse is now very close.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden78′ Big chance for Vitesse, but Linssen gets the ball past goalkeeper Arends.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden72′ The game of Vitesse is still fairly miserable. The people from arnhem should seriously consider a renewal – or perhaps worse – against the hard-working Cossacks Boys.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden64′ Vitesse is awake, startled. Substitute player Büttner works along an opponent and shoot a half metres across the junction.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours ago,59′ GOAL Cossacks Boys! 1-1

It was all a bit up in the air and there it is the equalizer of Cossacks Boys. A free kick is given Quentin Jakoba all the space of Danilho gave doekhi some firm kicks to heads, and that makes the defender of Cossacks Boys flawlessly.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours ago

55′ Cossacks Boys makes in the second half is more of a physical battle. The defenders of Vitesse are hunted, but really in threatening situations provides that it is not yet in.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden46′ The second half is on the road, without turnouts. Cossacks Boys has another 45 minutes to an bekerstunt like mad to achieve.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden45 ” Five seconds before the expiration of the 45-minute whistle, referee Blank for rest. There will be no one bothered at all, because this first half was the opposite of spectacular. At the half, the 0-1 to Vitesse by a hit of Matus Bero.Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geledenEn these are the eleven of Feyenoord. Kenneth Vermeer is the goalkeeper in the cup games. Jens Toornstra and Robin van Persie will return to the base after minor injuries. Nicolai Jörgensen is sitting on the couch.

📋 Setup @Feyenoord: Vermeer, Nieuwkoop, Van Beek, Van der Heijden, van la parra, Vilhena, Larsson, Berghuis, Toornstra, Verdonk, Van Persie.
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AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen19:07 – 20 december 2018Feyenoord-FC Utrecht · 3 hours geledenDeze eleven players send FC Utrecht-coach Dick Advocaat will the whey in. Timo Letschert is back again after his Sunday against sc Heerenveen (2-3 win) in the warm-up injury suffered.

📋 The preparation of #fcutrecht for the bekerpartij against @Everton! 👇
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AuteurFC UtrechtMoment of plaatsen19:06 – december 20, 2018Kozakken Boys-Vitesse · 3 hours geleden36′ The race lapping peacefully, without a lot of highlights. Vitesse midfielder For tries from distance, but shoots over.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 4 hours ago,12′ GOAL Vitesse! 0-1

Vitesse already had a lot of possession on the half of Cossacks Boys, but was rarely dangerous. Now, however, and immediately the touch. Ödegaard touches the ball, but his team-mate Bero is brief and can take over. The Slovak is two opponents, pass and shoot the ball a metre, or eighteen medium.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 4 hours geleden6′ Pole! Vitesse escapes. After a high ball in the header of Monteiro to the pole.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 4 hours geleden1′ The garlands that the hometown audience on the field thrown have been removed. Thus begins the contest a little later. Vitesse striker Buitink kicks now, the cup match has started.Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 4 hours ago

Martin Ödegaard seemed a glorious career to go in Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, but should tonight to show off his skills in Werkendam. It can happen.4 hours ago

As coach of Russia and the coach of CSKA Moscow Leonid Slutsky already in a lot of enchanting football stadiums. The coach of Vitesse after tonight Sportpark The Zwaaier in Werkendam also check off.5 hours ago

Vitesse reached the eighth-finals thanks to victories on RKVAV Volendam (1-2) and Heracles Almelo (0-2). The team from Arnhem is currently sixth in the Premier league. In 2017 won the Vitesse is even the cup by AZ in the final with 2-0 defeat.5 hours ago

Cossacks Boys is the current number of twelve of the Second Division. The team from Werkendam was previously in the cup and too strong for US Sneek (3-1) and Almere City (2-1).Cossacks Boys-Vitesse · 5 hours geledenDeze eleven players must history writing for the second divisionist from Werkendam.

📋 | The names! On to an unforgettable evening!


AuteurKozakken BoysMoment of plaatsen17:30 – 20 december 2018Kozakken Boys-Vitesse · 5 hours geledenDe eighteen-year-old Buitink if eight-time short raids in the Premier league. The striker from Nijkerk tonight from coach Leonid Slutsky the chance to get it from the kick-off show.

Ready for your basisdebuut, Thomas?😏
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