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“F1 champion Lewis Hamilton does not get enough recognition for its results”

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According to Mercedes-motorsportbaas Toto Wolff gets Lewis Hamilton to little recognition for his achievements, something that, according to him, also Michael Schumacher during his career happened.

Hamilton won this year, his fifth world title in Formula 1, which he performs at the same level as the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio. In addition, Hamilton also has the record of the most number of poleposities behind his name and he seems to be on the way to a lot of other records to break.

Despite its impressive performance seems to be Hamilton, however, little recognition for that. Even more, the Brit is often the focus of criticism and that is Mercedes-motorsportbaas Toto Wolff is too bad.

“Not everyone recognizes a great career, a great sportsman, or an overall greatness when it takes place,” said Toto Wolff, as opposed to ‘Reuters’. “There is a lot of negativity and jealousy when it happens.”

“Only after the end of the career, there is often recognition and I don’t know how that is. It is a privilege that we the career the sight of perhaps the largest racepiloot of all time.”

Then create the Mercedes-motorsportbaas the comparison with Michael Schumacher who, according to Toto Wolff, the same thing happened.

“Michael clearly has a lot of records dropped, and he was incredible. Lewis is on the same road. Also Michael was, however, only after his farewell recognition and even more after the tragedy had taken place. Something like that is very unfortunate.”

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