Eliza Dushku angry at TV bosses

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Dushku was afraid Weatherley, because they would constantly be attacked by comments

Eliza Dushku is also furious at TV bosses who tried would have to her story about the sexual harassment of actor Michael Weatherly directing. The actress made headlines last week when it was announced that they have 9.5 million dollars after complaints about the behaviour of Weatherley on the set of Bull.

Dushku starred in the series since march of 2017, but she felt uncomfortable by the comments of Weatherley. He was talking about her appearance, a threesome with her and another star, and made a joke about a rape.

According to The New York Times she was after confronting Weatherley from the series written. After an internal investigation, and the signing of an agreement she received 9.5 million dollars. That is the amount they would have earned if they are in the series would have remained. Weatherley has also apologized.

But Dushku is absolutely not satisfied with how her story has been communicated. “The story by CBS, actor Michael Weatherley, and writer-producer Glenn Gordon Caron is propagated is deceptive and fits in any way with how they me on the set. I don’t want to hear that I have a lack of humor or that I’m not against a joke can. I had a job and because I wasn’t bothered wanted to be, I’m fired.”

Dushku said she has feared for Weatherley, because of the intimidation constantly held. Also she says that the amount that they received only a portion of what they otherwise would have earned. She got that after video evidence. Looking back, she is there sad that there are so many victims that that evidence does not have.

The dispute was, according to her not only about money, but more about a cultural change. The deal was that Weatherley and the show continuously monitored by someone who specializes in sexual harassment. CBS did not, but without that provision, I had the agreement not been signed.

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