Drones put air traffic at Gatwick airport in lam

dd54aabc9964c86931692184eab9d726 - Drones put air traffic at Gatwick airport in lam

At the Gatwick airport near London was Wednesday night a lot of hindrance for the traffic. After authorities around 21 hours two drones had noted above the runway, the air traffic shut down.

According to the British tv channel BBC could multiple aircraft do not takeoff or landing. Aircraft were diverted to other airports, sometimes hundreds of miles from Gatwick.

The nuisance would be possible also Thursday felt: the airport calls on passengers via Twitter on the status of their flight in advance to check.

A spokesman said the airport offered its apologies for the inconvenience but said the safety of passengers and employees the priority.

The police are investigating in the meantime, where the drones come from.

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