Deen you will now only after a handshake

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Who Danish citizen wants to be, that will in the future with a handshake to seal. The Danish parliament approved Thursday a bill allowing immigrants as a seal of their citizenship by the mayor of the municipality of the hand must be shaking.

‘The applicant of the Danish nationality shows this symbolic act of respect for the Danish community’, which sounds in the law.

The driving force behind the bill was the minister of Integration Inger Stojberg. According to the critics, the law has the low-down on muslims, who sometimes deny someone of the opposite sex a hand to give. ‘In Denmark greet you with a handshake’, says the minister. ‘We will show respect for each other in this country.”

The new law will immediately critics. Søren Søndergaard of the unity party called the law hypocritical. “The question is whether people behave well, and a handshake guarantees that not,” he said.

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