Damaged Soyuz space capsule on the way home, landing is risky

6c51b67613af086d24e3e4f149c1ddbf - Damaged Soyuz space capsule on the way home, landing is risky

A Russian Soyuz capsule in the night from Wednesday to Thursday of the International Space station detached three diving back to bring home.

The Soyuz MS-09 multi to 2.40 pm (Belgian time), normally at 06.03 hours down to smack in the steppes of Kazakhstan. The crew are the German Alexander Barley on behalf of the European Ruimtevaartbureau ESA, the Russian Soyuz commander Sergei Prokopjev, and the American astronaute Serena Aunon-Chancellor.

Already risky is now more attention to this return. In August, arose after all, the loss of pressure in the ISS through a hole in the wall of the leefmodule of the conscious Soyuz. The problem was quickly solved but the cause is not yet known. In addition, two Russian cosmonauts last week during a risky spacewalk additionally, in the Soyuz is etched down to steel in troubleshooting and to collect. The steel fly with the Soyuz, to, ultimately, for analysis at the secret service FSB, to end up.

The Soyuz undergoes during the reentry temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Celsius.

The return here can be followed live:

Disaster with Columbia

On February 1, 2003 was the American space shuttle Columbia, because during the launch a piece of styrofoam with a hole in a wing had struck, which during the dive in the atmosphere of hot gases, the space shuttle could penetrate. The seven astronauts were killed.

In the ISS continue to Oleg Kononenko, the American Anne McClain and Canadian David Saint-Jacques, to there christmas and new year to celebrate.

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